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Free Patterns

These patterns are for you to ..enjoy. We will keep adding additional patterns as time permits, so come back often. Feel free to copy and share. 


A quick and easy Valentine 


Here is a quick and easy Valentine. Draw or trace heart shape lightly in pencil. Use 6" marquises as shown cover the heart line. The number needed will vary depending on the size of the heart. Use three inch strips to make the teardrop petals for the light pink flowers (5 for the top flower with three inch tight yellow circle for center;  6 teardrops for the bottom flower with a one inch dark tight circle for the center) Six three inch tight circles for the dark pink flower with  a three inch yellow tight circle for the center. Make four white bunny ears and arrange around a three inch pink circle. Add green leaves and scrolls as desired.


Roses for my Valentine 



This is one of my favorite hearts. I love the white on red but it is just as pretty in red on white or pink on white. Lightly draw a heart shape on your card or backing. Then cover the lines with 6" marquises. My heart was about 3 1/2" wide; I used 34 marquises. (The number will vary depending on the siize of the heart.) Make 33" tight rolls and glue them as shown. The roses are simply folded roses made with 1/8" paper. I made a dozen and glued them to covered floral wire for stems. Top it off with a paper bow and you have a beautiful card for Valentines day, a birthday or anniversary.

                                                                  Bandaged Heart




This heart is made with a technique called bandaging. I used six strips of pink 1/8" quilling paper and then "wrapped" a strip of red around them. I drew a heart lightly on my back ground and glued the bandaged strips to the outline. The flowers are 3" triangles pushed into a heart shape. I made two pink flowers and one red. I then wrapped one of the pink flowers with red paper and added the stems.


Witch's Cauldron



Thirteen black 6" marquises for cauldron

Two black shaped Marquises to connect to top of caulron

Two black 1.5 strips curved with fingers for top of caudron

Three or four gray ring coils to form bubbles

One gray six inch teardrop for mouse's body

One gray 1.5 teardrop for mouse's head

One tiny teardrop for Mouse's ear

One 1.5 gray loose coil for tail


3-D Pumpkin





Using 15 strips of paper for each make two tight rolls. 

Gently push the centers out (or use a mold) to get the round shape.

Coat the insides with glue to make them firm

You can glue the two halves together or make it into a trinket box. 

(Measure a 1/4" strip so it fits inside the top of the pumpkin, glue sot he top sits on the bottom.


Witch card


Make sixteen dark purple  6" marquises for hat

One 6" shaped dark purple teardrop for tip of hat

Three 3" lime tight rolls for eyes and nose

One 1/2" lime crimped piece for mouth

One strip curled slightly for face

Arrange as shown-add bats if desired

School Globe

1 24" grape roll (tight circle with center pushed forward)

Coat back of globe with glue so it doesn't flatten

1 six" half circle for base

2 three " tight rolls to attach the globe

1 2.5" strip rounded with fingers

Assemble as shown

(Do they even have globes in school anymore?)


School Bell


22 six " marquises

8 six" shaped marquises for sides of bell

2 six" half circles for top of bell

1 six " marquise and 1 six" teardrop for handle

1 twelve" tight roll for clapper 

Arrange as shown


Graduation Owl

This little owl dresses up a gift tag or card.  

His eyes are 6" tight dark brown rolls wrapped in 6" of rust. 

Make six 6" tight rolls for the sides of his face.

Three 6" teardrops for his "beak"and ears.

One 6" triangle placed between his eyes as shown. 

Cut a pice of black paper to make his hat.

Fringe a tiny piece of gold to make the tassle.


"Stained Glass" Easter Egg

I started by making a gold vellum cross using five 6" marquises, and four 3" marquises wrapped in black open V-scrolls. Arrange these as shown around a 3" tight circle to form the cross. Make a black oval "collar that fits around the cross. Fill in empjty spaces using "beehive" technique using the new color blend vellums . . . it almost looks like stained glass.


Crimped Easter Egg

I used 5 full strips of shades of lavender/purple/and pink to make this little egg. I crimped them all and then started rolling with one strip.I then added the other four strips one at a time to get the varigated look. I then added a little punch flower for an accent.



Easter Duckling

 This little crimped duckling's body is made from a full strip of crimped paper shaped into a shaped teardrop, his little wing is a 6" crimped strip in a shaped teardrop; his head is a 12" tight roll. He is standing in the shade of a large crimped 3 looped wheatear flower ( I used 12" strips). The leaves on the stem are also 3 loops wheatears pulled into a point at the end.


new-web-tea-cup.jpg (849×474)

. I started out by making a tight roll with approximately ten full length strips for the base of the cup. I put the tight roll in the bottom of an actual tea cup and then started adding the quilling one row at a time. After each row dried, I would loosen it from the sides of the cup, then place it back into the cup and build the next row of quilling. When I had built the cup up to tea cup size, I took it out of the cup and made the handle.  The saucer was done in exactly the same way. When both pieces were done I sprayed them with several light coats of Stiffen Stuff 






#6 Snowflake

make one 3” tight circle for center of snowflake. Make six 3” open V scrolls, add a touch of glue to keep the open curls from separating. Hold the point of the open v while pushing down on the open curls until the paper separates into a diamond shape as shown. Then glue them to the center tight circle. Make twelve 3” Double scrolls with flag. Glue them back to back and then glue between the open curls of the V scrolls. Make six 3” teardrops and glue them point down between the open curls of thd double scrolls as shown. Add jewels as shown or desired.


#5 Snowflake 

Start with a 3” tight circle for the center of the snowflake. Using the alternate side looping technique make six 9” strips into the arms of the snowflake; pinch into a point on both ends and glue them to the center tight circle.  Make six 3” Open V scrolls and glue them in between the long arms of the snowflake. Put just a dab of glue between the open curls of the V’s. Add jewels as shown or desired.


#4 Snowflake-

Make one 3” tight circle for the center of the snowflake. Make six 6” marquises and wrap them inside an Open-V scroll; put tiny dab of glue to glue open–V closed and another tiny dab of glue on the loose ends of the open curls of the V so they don’t unwind. Glue the six V wrapped marquises to the center tight circle. Make six more 6” marquises and glue them between the curls of the open V’s. Make six 3” triangles and glue them to the tips of the marquises, Add jewels as shown


#3 Snowflake 

Using 12” strips, make six 6 loop wheatears and pinch both ends to a point. Glue base of the 6 wheatears together. Make six 4” marquises and glue them between the wheatears as shown. Add bling as desired. 

#2 Snowflake 

Make seven 6” loose coils, glue six of the coils in a circle around the seventh.  Make twelve 6” marquises, place in spaces where circle coils meet as shown. Make six 3” open heart scrolls, put just a touch of glue to close the hearts and glue them to the ends of the marquises as shown. Add jewels as shown or as desired. 


 #1 Snowflake

Make  twelve 6” marquises and arrange as shown and add jewels as shown



   Poinsettia with crimped center

Using 12" strips of red and green, make 5 loop wheat ears and pinch into petal shapes.Crimp a 12" strip in yellow, coil and glue to center of flower. This is really pretty ornament if you make two poinsettias and glue them back to back.


 Ring coil Poinsettia.

 The petals on this poinsettia can be as large or small as you like.They are determined bythe size of the "ring" you wrap the strips around. If you use a pen the petals will be small, if you wrap around a prescription bottle they will be larger. Wrap the strip around two  or three times and then pinch ends and glue. Use tight rolls for a center and you are ready to go!



Courtesy of Patricia Caputo

2 Brown crimped loose coils (6", 15.2cm) for centers

12-14 Yellow marquises (3”, 7.6 cm) for petals

12-14 Dark yellow marquises (3”, 7.6 cm) for petals

6 Green alternate looped leaves (6", 15.2 cm)

Arrange as shown



Fall Bouquet

Courtesy of Patricia Caputo


10 Brown tight rolls (1”, 2.5 cm) for cattails

2 Yellow tight rolls (1.5”, 3.8 cm) for flower centers

12 White tight rolls (1.5”, 3.8 cm) for flower petals

1 Brown marquise (1.5”, 3.8 cm) for flower center

4 Yellow teardrops (1.5”, 3.8 cm) for petals

11 Rust tight rolls (1.5”, 3.8 cm) arrange on stems as shown

4 Orange teardrops (1.5”, 3.8 cm) for petals

1 Green v scroll (3”, 7.6 cm) for foliage

Assorted lengths green strips for stems

1 Yellow strip for bow

Arrange as shown




 Autumn Tree

Courtesy of Patricia Caputo

6 Brown marquises for trunk

2 Brown crescents (3”, 7.6cm) for bottom of trunk

5 Gold marquises (3”, 7.6 cm)

6 Yellow marquises (3’, 7.6 cm)

6 Red marquises (3’, 7.6 cm)

6 Orange marquises (3”, 7.6 cm)

4 Rust marquises (3”, 7.6 cm)

Arrange as shown




Squirrel with Nuts

Courtesy of Patricia Caputo

1 Brown shaped teardrop (24”, 61 cm) for body

1 Brown grape roll (12”, 30.5 cm) for head

1 Brown double scroll with flag (6”, 15.2 cm) for tail

1 Brown teardrop (3”, 7.6 cm) for foot

1 Brown teardrop (1.5”, 3.8 cm) for ear

1 Tan shaped marquis (6”, 15.2 cm) for chest

2 Tan crescents (1.5”, 3.8 cm) for tops of acorns

2 Green teardrops (3”, 7.6 cm) for acorns

Arrange as shown


Halloween Couple

Courtesy of Patricia Caputo

2 Black loose coils (24”, 61 cm) for bodies

2 Black loose coils (12”, 30.5 cm) for heads

4 Black triangles (3”, 7.6 cm) for ears

2 Black loose scrolls (6”, 15.2 cm) for tails

4 Orange triangles (3”, 7.6 cm) for bow and bow tie

1 Orange tight roll (1.5’, 3.8 cm) for center of tie

Arrange as shown





Courtesy of Patricia Caputo

1 Black 5 loop wheatear (12”, 30.5 cm) shaped for hat

1 Black strip (2”, 5.1 cm) folded for hat brim

26 Green tight rolls (3’, 7.6 cm) for face

1 Black and white tight roll (3”, 7.6 cm) for eye

1 Red tiny strip for mouth


Penguin on skates


1 White tight coil (48”) wrapped in black for body

4 Black crescents (3”) for back of penguin

1 White tight coil (24”) wrapped in black for head

2 Yellow crescents (2”) for feet

2 Green (.5”) curled at one end for skates

1 Red bunny ear (3”) for hat

1 Green strips (1”) fringed for pom on hat

1 Yellow tiny strip folded for beak 

Arrange as shown