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B07830 - "Thrilling Quilling" by Elizabeth Moad-We’ve been waiting quite a while for this book; it is 128 pages of clever ideas, mostly smaller designs on a large number of themes including: ‘gardening gems’-an assortment of veggies and garden tools, “beautiful bugs”-everything from lady bugs to a fuzzy caterpillar, “flower powers”-includes some of the standards and some of the not-so-standards, wonderful wedding designs like hearts and rings, baby designs-baby buggies, ducks, baby feet, “oriental style”, “beach life” including a bikini, “cooking capers” includes chili peppers and herbs and lots more. Other themes include “nicely nautical”, “Christmas crackers”, “animal magic”, “fairy fantasy”, and “fab fashion”. One of the features I like about this book is the “inspirations sections” which give some cute ideas for using these designs beyond the obvious;  including things like using them on jars and bottles, boxes, pencils and coasters to name a few. There are also little “tip bubbles” with all kinds of different information in them.  One tells you how to number the tines on your onion holder so you don’t have to count them and variations on some of the designs by changing colors. Each time you flip through the pages you will find something you missed on previous visits. All in all . . . a fun book! 

B5998 "50 Nifty Quilled Cards"by Alli Bartkowski’s - I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy looking through books because they stimulate me and give me ideas about what I would like to try.  Coming up with ideas for fifty cards can’t be easy, but Alli managed to do it. The quilling is relatively simple, but is dressed up by stacking different papers together to make the background for the quilling. For example: one of her cards used embossed vellum over plain card stock, a pearl on each of the 4 corners and a ribbon tied around the whole thing. Where was the quilling? A circle was cut out of the vellum with the cardstock showing through. Alli made two tiny birds (using a shaped teardrop for the head, and a larger shaped teardrop for the body) that look like they are “kissing” beak to beak; and above them two tiny teardrops make a heart. It’s adorable! And easy! She has also added things like bits of ribbon, decorative embellishments like buttons and charms, decorative papers and gems. There are cards for holidays (I love her tiny angels) and for any occasion you can think of.


B325640 - "Paper Crafts Workshop" by Marie Browning I bought this book because it has a 21 page section about quilling and of course I had to see it. The is the same author who did New Concepts in Paper Quilling, I liked her ideas and always find it stimulating to look at things (quilling) from a different perspective. Since I am interested in “all things paper” I thought this might be an enjoyable book as well. In addition to the quilling section, there is a section on collage, probably everyone is familiar with the term but the book goes into quite a bit of detail about materials, the basic steps and preserving your collages; beeswax collage (which I had never heard of, the finished collage is actually coated with melted beeswax); paper tole which is a kind of three dimensional art created by layering identical images. The last technique covered in the book is washi chigiri-e which “is an ancient Japanese art form that uses torn paper to create the look of paintings.” Each topic covered in the book has projects for you to try. If you love working with paper this will be a welcome addition to your library.


B368448 - "Paper Bouquet" by Susan Tierney Cockburn Since many quillers like to incorporate punched flowers with their quilling I thought this would be a good book to supplement your quilling library. The book gives detailed step by step instructions for creating 40 flowers from Amaryllis to Zinnias. The author uses pigment ink pens and chalks to add realistic shading, and includes a list of all of the various punches used to make the flowers. Of course, if you are a quiller you will look at many of these flowers through a quiller’s eyes perhaps using fringe flowers as centers rather than punches. But you may also see a few things that you will want to try.  I’ve always struggled with irises, especially if they have to be small; I thought the punched ones were quite pretty. I never thought of using a light gel pen on a dark petal! DUH! I loved the dogwood blossoms and I saw a punch that I might just have to buy for hydrangeas, although they were not one of the flowers shown. When I make hydrangeas I use a 1/8” circle punch use 4 of these tiny circles for each blossom and then glue them all on a sculptured roll. There was a tiny four petal punch there that just might do the trick. I think I will probably be looking at this book more than I had originally thought!


B5982 "New Concepts in Paper Quilling" by Marie Browning is the latest addition to the Whimsiquills book collection.  This book combines quilling with other paper crafts like stamping, punching, collage, and lettering to make a very interesting assortment of cards, gift tags and even some jewelry. Although most of the quilling shown in this book is pretty basic, the ideas and originality are anything but! Browning’s tutorials include making card blanks, making envelopes, lining envelopes, coloring paper along with the quilling tutorials which include basic shapes, husking, and fringe flowers. With the price of greeting cards skyrocketing (like everything else), why not enjoy making those special cards yourself? I also like the way Browning uses the card theme to decorate the envelopes.  We now have white cardboard mailers for those special delicate quilled cards, so card and decorated envelope can safely be mailed without getting damaged. We also fell in love with the two inch aluminum tins with clear lids shown in this book and now have those in stock as well.


B5987 "Quilled Wild Flowers" by Janet Wilson - If you like wildflower (like I do) or if you are just looking for some “new” floral ideas, you will enjoy this new book. It has some very interesting treatments of making Speedwell, Violets, Scarlet Pimpernel, Bluebells, and the Lesser Celandine (which is a kind of Buttercup). She shows her designs on cards, boxes and gift bags. As a side note there is a little information on each of the flowers shown, common as well as Latin names and what they were used for medicinally. (I think that information would be fun to summarize and print on the back of quilled cards.) She also shows a gift bag, with quilled strips threaded like ribbon, through it.  We just brought in a new border punch called Leave it to Weaver which punches perfect holes to thread 3/8” quilling strips. I have some samples of cards I made using this punch on the scrapbook and cards page. I only have one negative thing to say about this book, at the risk of sounding like a total quilling “snob”, I was not impressed with the quality of the coils. I know many quillers who also use slotted tools, but whose coils are much smoother and more even than those shown in the book, but i loved the ideas and flowers.


B5986 "Quilled Borders & Motifs" by Judy Cardinal - Finally, a book about borders! This is a fun little book, 48 pages of ideas and instructions (all in color).  Her style of quilling reminds me of Jane Jenkins. Border themes include fantasy flowers, roses, the pond, butterflies, Christmas, the sky, weddings, babies, and toys. I love her use of color, she encourages you to make green folded roses and use them as cabbages. She urges you to experiment with color and have fun with it. She includes directions for each of her motifs and then shows you how to combine them to create a border. The borders range form the simple (for cards) or more complex for larger pieces. She seems to enjoy using the specialty papers like graduated, and gilded paper and also adds some small embellishments like beads. I enjoyed this book and would definitely keep a copy for my quilling library.


B5983 "The Art of Paper Quilling"  by Claire Choi - is out in English! I met Claire several AGM's ago (those are the annual guild meetings NAQG holds once a year, it will be in Rhode Island in 2008). Her work is outstanding and she is such a sweet person (most quillers are). Claire was born in Korea and presently lives in Canada. Her book 127 page book includes  tons of floral designs that can be used for cards, borders, paper frames and gift boxes, and also includes all quillers' favorite snowflakes (isn't that how most of us got started?) I've seen a couple of the pieces pictured in her gallery, the pictures just don't do them justice. They are awesome! When you get his book, make yourself a cup of tea, turn off your telephone, and enjoy. This is one I will go back to over and over. It is just plain wonderful! Oh! And yes she is also a member of the North American Quilling Guild.


B5984 The new Diane Crane book Miniature Quilling is in and good enough to eat! On the Cover of the book are pictures of Crane's QUILLED chocolates! I can usually spot quilling a mile away, but this is incredible! They look so much like the real thing that I couldn't wait to turn the pages to see how she did it. They would be perfect to put in those little quilled cake boxes everyone has been talking about, but I'm afraid people would end up with a mouthful of paper! Those of you who have Diane's book will remember how she likes to do "variations on a theme" by repeating but subtly changing designs on her cards.  She does it again in this 48 page book using adorable fairies, a great selection of autumn leaves, butterflies, daisies and lavender, and of course chocolates! Mmm  . . . these are the no calorie kind.  I enjoy her books, she definitely thinks outside the box . . . and speaking of boxes, I wonder where she got the template for the six sided one in her book? 


B5985 "Three-Dimensional Quilling, Making Characters"  by Jane Jenkins - is another 48 page book by Search Press. I always look forward to Jane's books, her narrative is written just like she is sitting there visiting with you. She starts the book with picture tutorials to teach you how to make different cone shapes using a variety of methods including the Marycooze method. (That's a teaser, you'll have to read it to find out) She then goes on to make a variety of goofy finger puppets, a long legged frog, fairies, angels and my favorite a poodle. ( I don't have a poodle, I have a Japanese Chin, A Shitzu, and a Finnish Spitz but this poodle is the cutest ever!) She uses shiny mirror paper for the angel's wings and makes them on onion holders (by taping TWO onion holders together, who would have thought of that?) While the figures aren't as complex as the Jinisans that Jinny Alexander makes ("Quilling in the 3rd Dimension"), you'll definitely get the basics and have fun doing them.


B5989 "The New Paper Quilling"  by Molly Smith Christensen - is a fun book with some very unusual ideas for using quilling strips. It could have been called "buttons and bows". The cover shows extra wide quilling strips made into bows to decorate gift boxes and inside the book are some adorable quilled "buttons" to decorate gift bags. Molly uses her crimping tool more than any other quiller I know; crimping adds an interesting texture to quilling. Directions for a really neat crimped paisley mobile, crimped and quilled butterflies, dragonflies, and fruits (including watermelon-not the seedless variety) are just a few of the fun projects in this book. Molly also describes how to emboss quilling strips, something I never would have thought of. Lots of new and original ideas as well as traditional things like quilled alphabets.


B5990 "Paper Quilling for the First Time"  by Alli Bartkowski - is a great resource for new and "old" quillers alike. The 112 page book, all in color, contains tutorials that cover 14 different quilling techniques including the basic, eccentric coils, loose scrolls, husking, alternate side looping, braiding,combing (onion holder technique), miniatures, and  crimping. There are projects to do using each of the techniques, including quilling on cards, borders, framed pieces, and free standing dimensional pieces.  There is also a small gallery section  of pieces guaranteed to inspire you. Whether you are just starting your quilling library or already have one, I consider this a "must have"!


B48080 "Twirled Paper" by Jacqueline Lee - Do you have a young person in your life who you would like to introduce to quilling? This is the book for you. It comes with a slotted tool, a package of multi colored quilling strips, and a little bottle of glue. The book, which is put out by, is geared toward children, (although I find some of the designs delightful and have used them myself). Designs include everything from bugs, food, cats and dogs, to aliens. Lee even gives some of the different quilling shapes fun names like "moon", "gumdrop", and "slug". her "undersea fantasy' includes a mermaid, many different kinds of fish, octopusand squid. Her "funny farm" includes pigs, sheep, rooster, pigs and cows, her "aliens" are wonderfully imaginative. It's a great starter kit for children of all ages.


B124 The Book of Paper Quillilng by Malinda Johnston is an all time favorite. This 144 page book starts out with a comprehensive tutorial followed by instructions for 50 projects from quillers around the world. Projects include gift cards, framed pieces. wedding borders, dimensional pieces, and holiday items. There is a wonderful gallery section in the back of the book which is sure to inspire. I'm happy to say some of my work is included in this book. This book belongs in everyone's quilling library.


B164 "Quilling Techniques and Inspiration"  by Jane Jenkins - is my favorite Jenkins book. The techniques covered in this book include variations on open coils, wheatears, husking, alternate side looping, tight coil variations,  fringed flowers and crimping techniques. The projects pictured are truly inspirational.  Jane has a unique way of combining shapes, tucking closed coil shapes into more open shapes, and combines them with the specialty papers we have come to love.  She uses dark center and graduated strips and two toned papers.


B128 "The Craft of Quilling"  by Janet Wilson - is a nice little book with some relatively simple projects. There are several beautiful filigree crosses, a very pretty quilled parasol, and some holiday items as well.


B130 "Practical Quilling" by Ann Redman - is for you if you are looking for some ideas for greeting cards. There are lots of florals,  wildflowers, animals, some neat "guy" things like a barbershop quartet and a little motorcycle. This book isn't as well known as some of the others but is a great source of ideas.


B90 "Quilling in the Third Dimension"  by Jinny Alexander - Jinnys 3-D figures, which she calls Jinnisans are my absolute favorite figures.  Her attention to detail is outstanding and she shares it with us in her self published book. Detailed instructions are given  for Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland characters as well as Mr. & Mrs Claus, Raggedy Ann & Andy,  a pirate, Japanese lady, and the 3-D dragon pictured on the cover of her book. Jinny's figures are the "end all and be all" of quilled figures.


B129 "Paper Quilling, the Weekend Crafter"  by Malinda Johnston - is a super collection of projects from quillers around the world. It features the basics plus instructions for 21 projects you can make including borders, cards, and pieces suitable for framing. The book is worth owning just for the gallery section in the back of the book;, check out Jane Jenkins quilled lion and Helen Hartley's quilled cathedral window, they are truly awesome!


B5992 "Quilled Greeting Cards"  by Jane Jenkins - is a fun book. Diane takes a theme, like a teddy bear or a magician's rabbit in a hat and then gives instructions for a bunch of variations on that theme. Her sunflower girl and ballerinas are adorable. She uses chalks to sublty change the colors in her backround. I think a lot of her ideas would work really well on scrap book pages.


B169 "Eighteen Quilled Roses" by Jane Jenkins - Yup! You read it right. This 24 page book has instructions for making eighteen different kinds of roses, and some  neat designs using them.  


B168 "Favourites for Quilling" by Jane Jenkins - Designs include owls, birds, butterflies, flowers, a frog, cat, dog, pony, seahorse and others. 


B172 "Fringed Flower Hybrids by Jane Jenkins - When Jane Jenkins did her book "Techniques and Inspiration" she devoted  four pages to fringed flowers and some of her variations. We got lots of calls here at Whimsiquills asking how she made the flowers on her sample page.  Well, here is the little book to answer all of your fringed flower questions. this little books shows lots and lots of variations, and Jane does all of her fringing the old fashioned way . . with SCISSORS!


B171 "Greetings Card Designs by Jane Jenkins -Once again I suggest you click on the link  to get the flavor of this little book it has 24 cute little designs just perfect for cards or scrapbook pages.


B174 "22 Flower Designs by Jane Jenkins -  I am always amazed at how Jane Jenkins combines the traditional quilling shapes and comes up with totally different flowers. See how she combined wheatears with tight rolls to make what I would call a Stargazer Lily.


B175 " 23 Christmas Designs"  by Jane Jenkins - I think Jane's motto must be "less is more". Once again, using just a few basic shapes, she creates some lovely Chrismas designs.


B176 "Santas, Snowflakes, & Seasonal Trees"  by Jane Jenkins - is just what the title says, new snowflake designs, unusual Christmas trees, Santa with his sack, and my favorite Santa sacked out in bed!


B177 "18 Quilled Figures by Jane Jenkins - How does she do it? I don't do very many "people" figures but I think I will try after seeing these. I don't know which I'll try first, the fisherman, the ice skater, or the clown?


B53751 "I Can’t Believe I’m Quilling" by Jane Cleveland - This little book has complete instructions ands patterns for 23 different projects, including gift tags, greeting cards, magnets, scrapbook pages (with some really neat border designs that would work on book marks) and six, that’s right six, border designs that can be used around photos, invitations etc. That’s one of the things people always seem to be looking for, border designs. I even like the printed border designs on each page and have used a few of them in my smaller projects


 B178 "30 Springtime Designs" by Jane Jenkins - This adorable collection of springtime designs includes spring flowers, ducks, bunnies, as well as some Easter designsand a cross. These designs would be great for cards and gift tags, or even combined to create a spring border.


B53751- I Can’t Believe I’m Quilling by Jane Cleveland - This little book has complete instructions ands patterns for 23 different projects, including gift tags, greeting cards, magnets, scrapbook pages (with some really neat border designs that would work on book marks) and six, that’s right six, border designs that can be used around photos, invitations etc. That’s one of the things people always seem to be looking for, border designs. I even like the printed border designs on each page and have used a few of them in my smaller projects





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