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Quilling is My Life!


Different Quilling Manufactures & Differences in Quilling Strips/Papers

--------------------------------------------Touches on quilling papers and how they have changed over the years. A brief description of a variety of quilling papers, manufactures and specialty quilling paper that is now available. Quilling paper weight and textures are also talked of a bit and of course a few personal preferences as well.


What is a Fringer
(fringer quilling tools?

This blog tells what a fringer is, what you would use it for, the differences in the types of fringers, the different manufactures, of the fringers and of course the differences in the prices of the fringers. It also has some instructions on creating fringed flowers.


Which is Better, a Quilling Tool
or Finger Rolling?

Compairs finger rolling, using a slotted tool, & a pin or needle tool. As well as a funny story about fringer rolling.


 How Should I Store My Quilling Strips/Papers & Pre Made Quills?

Touches different ways/possiblities  to store your quilling strips & pre-made quills


 Making Your Own Quilling Papers/Strips Color Chart


Teaching Quilling/
Learning to Quill (#1)


Teaching Quilling/
Learning to Quill (#2)


Teaching Quilling/
Learning to Quill (#3)


Teaching Quilling/
Learning to Quill (#4)


Framing Your Quilling


Matting Your Quilling Work (#1)


Matting Your Quilling Work (#2)


Quilling is it - Art or Craft?


Quilling Accord Calendar Project


Specialty Quilling Papers
(Graduated & Dark Center Papers)


Quilling Applications
(Where do I Put My Quilling)?


The Business of Quilling


Quilling in Scrapbooks
& Photo Albums


My Quilling Dream Store


Happy Thanksgiving/
Christmas Quilling


(Quilling Without a Pattern)


Quilling Comfort Zone


Quilling a nd Home Schooling


 Digital Quilling


Quilled Greeting Cards


Quilled Greeting Cards
& More


Glues& Fixatives with




Glues & Fixatives Part #2




Card Making Techniques


Sister Consolata


New Husking Cards


Quilling Christmas Cards/
Christmas Patterns/Designs


Quilling Borders


Happy New Year


North American Quilling
Guild Conference 2009


Paper - Treasures


Quilling with Sherry Rodehaver


Still Working......


Clareen Bankhead -
Quilling from the Heart


Quilling tea cups to skulls??


Meet Inna


Musings (Quilling)








Quilling with Jinny Alexander
- I am happy!








A Walk Down Memory
Lane with Pat & Quilling


Quilling and the Economy


Quilling with Molly Smith


Quilling with Molly Smith Part # 2


Quilling & Quillers in the Dictionary


Quilling in the Dicitonary - Follow up


Sentiments with Stickers


About Me!


About Me Part # 2
(The Story of Whimsiquills)








Quilling with Malinda Johnston








Quilling with Delphene








Quilling with Rick Whitman








Differences in Quilling Papers/Strips (Updated)








Quilling for the Blind




Quilled Table Decorations


Evangeline Enns & Quilling with the Blind


Quilling with Allen Girvin


Quilling in Magazines


Metting Fellow Quillers in the "Strager" Sitting Next To You


Whimsiquills Quilling Tool Lending Program/ Quilling Teachers


Quilling with the Visually Impaired & Evangeline Enns (Part 2)


Meet Alise (An Amazing 15 Year Old Quiller)


Quilling Can Be Therapeutic


Happy Thanksgiving!


Pat's Quilled 3DChristmas Tree & "Pattern"


Last Minute Quilling - Quilled Trinket Boxes


Quilling Serendipity in 2010


Meet Pat - Video Blog Interview

Teaching Aids




 A Brief History of Quilling

This is a brief history compiled from a variety of sources, since it is only one page, it serves well as a hand out for talks, demos and classes.


Basic Shape Chart

This chart was originally designed for the Accord calendar. We put them in with class packs since so many of the basic coils are included.


Basic Open Coils

This lists the basic open coils and how to make them. It also shows some simple designs that can be made using the basic closed and open coils. I used this as a handout  for a two day quilling workshop I gave in Hawaii at the request of the Fiber Arts and Stitchery Guild of hawaii.

Basic Closed Coils

This is another handout I did for Hawaii, this one give instructions for making basic closed coils. Since I was only in Hawaii for a short time I wanted the hand outs to be a complete as possible for studentds to bring home with them, although I would be willing to go back and teach a "refresher" course.

Husking, Wheatears, & Alternate Sidelooping

This is another instruction sheet I put together for the workshop in Hwaii. We actually took the worksheet and put it on styrofoam "work boards" so studente could try husking with pins.

Whimsiquills Color Equivelncey Chart

Now that there is more than one source for quilling strips, we put this chart together to show which colors are actually the same. We are replacing some of our English colors with American colors Paplin Products have found for us. The discontinued colors are on our BLOWOUT SALE page at great prices.



Whimsiquills Blank Shape Chart

Use this chart when learning to quilling and making shapes. Or use this chart for your class so that students can practice different shapes in different sizes

Quilling Paper Strips, Different Sizes, & Uses

The different widths in quilling strips are sometime confusing  especially to the newbies. We thought this might be helpful

Wider Papers, Different Sizes & Uses

We carry quite a variety of sizes in quilling strips, these wider strips are perfect for border and larger flower punches. We also carry accessory sheets in most colors which can be used for really large punches or backrounds.

Other Uses For Quilling Strips

Here is a demo sheet showing some of the different ways quilling strips can be used (besides for quilling). Think outside  the box! My daughter, who is not a quiller, used 1/8" navy blue strips to create pin stirps on her Yankee scrapbook pages. They were awesome!

Coaster/ Paper Weights

These are just some "thought starter"designs for the acrylic coasters we carry. I am workng on pattern instructions for the designs shown since so many people have asked for them.

Mini Frame Novelties

These tiny (about 2" wide) plastic frames a great for inexpenxive class projects, ornaments, or party favors..


Border Punches



B154 Quilled Roses Instruction Sheet



B156 Quilled Fringed Flowers Instruction Sheet



B153 Punch Flowers Instruction Sheet




Framing your Quilling (Ex. Mentioned in Blog #11 Framing Your Quilling)

Matting Page #1


Matting Page #2

Matting Fig. #1
Single mat with rectangular window/opening

Matting Fig #2
Double mat with rectangular window/opening

Matting Fig #3
Single mat with rectangular opening/window with foamcore raising the invite and colored paper consealing the piece of foamcore

Matting Fig #4
Double mat with rectangular window/opening panel v-grove


Matting Example #5
Double mat with oval opening/window


Matting Example #6
Double mat with rectangular opening and panel v-grove

Matting Example #7
Single mat with oval window/opening and v-grove

Matting Example #8
Single mat with rectangular opening/window

 Paper & Pre made quills Storage 



  Bulletin Board Storage

When I frist started quilling, this is how I stored all of my papers. I could take the bulletine boards (I had more than one) with me into any room, and when I was finished, i pulled plastic trash bags over them and stuck them in the closet.

Storage of Pre Made Quills

I always try to have some flowers made ahead, expecially my roses, since they are time consuming. On days when I am taking it easy, I will spend the day making roses so I am ready for the next "rush" order.

Storage Chest for Pre Made Quills

Thank goodness for Home Depot! These chests were made for nuts and bolts, but are perfect for my precut strips, 1.5", 3", 6", and extra flowers or punched pieces. They are labeled and arranged by color.

Pre Cut, Fringed Strips, Pre Punched

This doesn't look too impressive, but it is really very organized.I have quilled coils, punched shapes and precut strips in each drawer I can open a drawer and pull out just what I need to make a gift card quickly. .


Stackable Storage Chest

These chests line one (actually two) walls of the Whimsiquills room, They contain all of my English paper inventory. All four widths fit in these drawers perfectly.  Once again the drawers are arranged by color/nimber.

Stackable Storage Chest

Just a view of inside the storage drawers

Quilling Paper Inventory Stored

We have 2 1/2 rooms of hanging paper inventory, again arranged by color/number.

Open/ In use papers stored around Whimsiquills Room

These are the open papers I use for my work. I have a strip with nails which is right under the display board and keep all four sizes of the same color on each nail. It is very convenient and keeps the strips nice and straight.

(Close Up)

Open/ In use papers stored around

Whimsiquills Room




Whimsiquills Room




Whimsiquills Design Display Wall

This sample wall comes in very handy for customers who want to see the different designs avaiable.  They can see what their photo or invite will look like in any given design.

Whimsiquills Design Display

Wall Picture #2

Some of the samples have glass (hence the reflection), but since they are used and moved so frequently, I will probably manage to break that glass as well.

Patricia's Work Desk

This is my drafting table, which my chiropractor says is the best way for me to work. I did have to put multiple lips on the table so those #*! round tools would stop rolling off onto the floor. Although i guess bending over to pick them up is good exercise too.

Patricia's Work Desk # 2

Another view of Patricia's Whimsiquills room and work desk

Whimsiquills Room View

Take a quick peek at the beautiful view from Patricia's work room



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